When it comes to on-trend, luxury upgrades, you don’t have to spend like a diva to make your bathroom a designer’s dream. From skylights to shower seats, some of the hottest bathroom trends of 2014 are surprisingly affordable.

Home website Houzz polled users and asked what bathroom upgrades they most desired. Here are a few of those hot bathroom improvement trends, and some ideas for incorporating them into your home:



Many Houzz respondents said they would like a skylight in their bathroom. In rooms where privacy is a concern, skylights can provide both natural light and ventilation, without exposing your personal business to the neighbors. They’re both beautiful and practical; Energy Star-qualified no-leak, solar-powered fresh-air skylights from Velux America can help trim electricity costs by providing natural light and passively venting moist, warm air from the room.


Install solar-powered skylights and blinds, and the cost of the products, as well as the installation, can qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit. For a limited time, there’s also a $200 cash rebate from Velux on solar skylights. Visit www.whyskylights.com to learn more.

Lighted vanity mirror

In keeping with the lighting theme, 41 percent said they would like a lighted vanity mirror. Home improvement stores, design studios and online retailers carry a wide variety of options in shapes, sizes, styles and light sources (LED, CFL or incandescent) to suit virtually every taste. Installing a lighted vanity mirror is a simple, low-cost do-it-yourself improvement that has a big impact on a bathroom’s appearance and usability.

Double-flush toilet


Dual-flush toilets allow you to use only the water you need — less for liquid waste, more for solids — so they contribute to a home’s overall footprint and trim water bills. It’s possible to find options for less than $250.


Towel warmers

Who doesn’t love the comforting warmth of a towel fresh out of the dryer? Towel warmers deliver that effect without the hassle and expense of running the dryer. Prices can range from less than $100 to more than $600, depending on the style.

Shower foot rest

An amazingly economical improvement, some suction-cup styles cost under $20! So, if you’re redoing your shower, it’s the perfect time to add a stylish, sturdy foot rest.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.