The photovoltaic (PV) power boom may have initiated a decade ago, but never has it developed as quickly as it is now. One local company, Hi-Power Solar, makes the process simple and consistent, offering quality products at a fair price.

Hi-Power Solar has continued to build and expand installations on countless homes around Hawaii, ranging from PV, solar hot water, solar attic fans and solar pool heating. Cruz Romero, general manager of Hi-Power Solar, mentioned that with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Hi-Power Solar has proven to be a leading full service solar company that has gone through rigorous accreditations.


Through these accreditations, Hi-Power Solar has partnered with major solar manufacturers around the world, including SUNPOWER, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Hi-Power Solar prides itself on being one of the select few solar power companies with the access and authorization to offer solar panels from these major manufacturers.

Other solar panels that Hi-Power Solar offers are acquired from major, local supply houses. These include PV and solar hot water panels such as Hyundai, Kyocera, SolarWorld, BenQ, LG, Canadian Solar, Conergy, MorningStar and SunEarth, just to name a few. “We get to know our clients,” said Cruz. “We customize our design to what the customer wants, instead of trying to push a product.”


Many possible consumers worry that the process of transitioning into solar power may be a convoluted one, but Hi-Power Solar breaks it down into five easy-to-follow steps.

Step one covers design, where the team and prospective consumer meet to analyze current electrical usage in order to construct an ideal plan. This step looks at cost, efficiency, current and future usage and location.


In step two, Hi-Power Solar submits all applications and forms for approval. Step three is the installation. The consumer receives a timeframe with an estimate on when their system will be installed, usually between one to five days, depending on the system size.

Step four is support, where a consultant goes over the monitoring process of the system and helps set up an online account for easy monitoring. The concluding step is “the final touch.”

Once everything is set up, Hi-Power Solar follows up to make sure everything is up and running efficiently. With a team ranging from technicians and installers to consultants and monitoring specialists, Hi-Power Solar offers an excellent balance of quality solar products, professional installation and quality customer service.

Choose Hi-Power Solar for all your solar needs, and visit the company at the Pacific Expo at Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall on June 22, booths 80 and 171. For more details, visit

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