Pacific Islands Solar, as a division of Pacific Islands Construction, desires to provide a comprehensive approach to your energy needs. As a solar company that is also a general, electrical and roofing contractor, these qualifications enable the company to expertly install your solar system.

The company’s approach to solving your energy needs can start with installing a heat reflective roof system, to providing hot water using your air conditioning system. If energy production or energy storage is needed, Pacific Islands Solar provides the best made PV solar modules in the industry from Kyocera of Japan.


The company’s post-installation service is unmatched, as it provides free cleaning and inspection of your solar installation for a period of five years. Its 10 year warranty on installation and seven year leak free guarantee are also the best in the industry, providing customer peace of mind with every purchase.

Pacific Islands Solar believes that Kyocera modules from Japan, having been manufactured expertly for more than 38 years, are the best choice for solar. Kyocera modules are one of only five company brands to have passed level six salt water testing. Corrosion is a huge problem in Hawaii, and only level six tested modules should be used, because corrosion to components can lead to DC arching, creating a potential for fires.

Kyocera modules are made to very exacting standards, inclusive of heavy reinforcement of the module frames and a potted junction box to protect the electrical connections. Recent tests performed by GTM Research of the top tier 1 manufacturers confirmed the Kyocera quality difference, as it was the only brand to be top rated in all six areas tested.


Pacific Islands Solar recently introduced the Fire and Ice system that utilizes not only the unlimited energy of the sun, but also heat recovery technology. The patent pending technology provides multiple benefits, including hot water production from a single solar hot water panel on the roof, and also the utilization of the heat produced by your existing air conditioning equipment.

Savings are realized from not only hot water production, but also from increased mechanical performance of the A/C system. The A/C system will require less electricity to change the refrigerant from gas to liquid due to this heat transfer, thus reducing the energy needed to cool your home. Anyone who has an air conditioned home knows the expensive impact of running their A/C on their electric bill, and now there is a solution to lower this cost.

Pacific Islands Solar system maintenance is another area that adds value. The cleaning of modules will increase energy production and also remove harmful salt, etc. from equipment.

Pacific Islands Solar is offering a cleaning and system inspection service for a limited time, for only $100 on 30 modules or less ($25 more for every additional 10 modules). Customers are amazed at how much more their system produces after the cleaning. If you feel your system is underproducing, the inspection is also a great way to ensure that everything is working properly. Every inspection comes with a report to let you know how your system is doing.


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