Ask not what your solar system will cost — ask what you will do with all the savings from your solar system! Solar is an investment that pays larger dividends each year.

As utility rates continue to increase, the sun continues to shine and provide free power. The benefits of a solar PV system on average can save $20,000 in utility bills over 20 years. But residents in states with higher electricity prices, like Hawaii, can save three times — and beyond — in the same period of time.


The benefits of using solar power in Hawaii are especially huge, because the sun is out year-round. Hawaii is also the most isolated landmass on Earth, so it’s smart to make its homes as sustainable as possible, in the event that importing fossil fuels becomes too costly or complicated by unforeseen circumstances.


Solar incentives will see your system pay for itself many times over. For example, the Hawaii Energy Tax Credit allows solar customers to claim an income tax credit of 35 percent of the cost of equipment and installation of a solar PV system, along with the ever-rising cost of electricity from fossil fuel sources. Through a variety of RevoluSun’s loans and financing options that let you lease a PV system rather than buying one, most residents with a roof have the opportunity now to go solar without having to buy everything upfront.

“The advantages of a PV system are more than just an almost non-existent electricity bill, it’s also the peace of mind knowing that we are not dependent on foreign imports and price fluctuations,” said RevoluSun principal Eric Carlson. “It’s the benefit of an overall lower overhead each month, which enables customers to use their money for other smart decisions like getting a fuel-efficient vehicle or making other green home improvements.” M. Hannington from Honolulu chose RevoluSun because the big picture benefits also included system performance. “We knew that RevoluSun has the best materials on the market and the most skilled workmanship,” explained Hannington. “We wanted to make sure our panels and installation are of the highest quality, so we get the most for our money. The benefits of a top-notch job have already been proven as our system generates more power than expected, which means even lower bills and quicker payoff.”


The advantages of solar are tremendous. So from now on, the question to ask yourself is ultimately, “How much are solar panels going to save me?”

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