Beauty is in the details when it comes to home exteriors. That’s why choosing the right exterior trim products and decorative elements is essential, whether you have a modest home or coastal mansion. In fact, exterior trim is one of the most important architectural accessories you can use to dress up your home.

For visually stunning, creative applications that enhance the aesthetics, value and curb appeal of homes, Kleer Trimboard from The Tapco Group has become the exterior trim of choice among discerning homeowners and design professionals. With this family of products, adding pizzazz, grace, strength, charm and an irresistible wow factor to any home is a snap.



From installing classic crown and fascia mouldings beneath eaves to decking out windows and doors with eye-catching trim styles and vibrant colors, the highly personalized look you can create is like giving the world a warm and inviting preview of your home, inside and out. Homeowners and contractors can think of Kleer trim as a captivating “picture frame” for the home or as tantalizing architectural “eye candy” that is readily customized to satisfy any taste, from simple elegance to luxurious splendor.

This trim can also be used indoors to create seamless looks that flow naturally from your home’s exterior to its interior. Whether you’re keeping your house or preparing for sale, Kleer trim delivers clear advantages with unrivaled aesthetics, application versatility, durability and ultra-low maintenance.

Because there are so many innovative options, you can create an exterior look that’s very personal or one with broad-based appeal. No other trim offers this rich mix of benefits.


Using your own signature combination of Kleer trimboard, moulding, column wraps, sheets and beaded board, you can create a home that’s totally unique. For instance, you can design a welcoming porch using sheets to create soaring archways, majestic post wraps topped with ornate crown mouldings to conceal wood or steel columns and trim-boards for flawlessly finished edges.


You can also hang sheets on your home’s exterior and decorate them with trimboard for a paneled look under elegantly trimmed bay windows. Possibilities abound.

Crafted from superior-quality cellular PVC, Kleer trim products provide the natural beauty of authentic wood without its time-intensive upkeep. Impervious to moisture and insect infestation, the ultra-low-maintenance trim, moulding, sheets and beaded products remain flawlessly beautiful for decades with just soap and water.


Whether you enjoy them in their original pristine white or paint them in warm and vibrant hues, Kleer exterior decorative products will enrich your home’s architecture and appeal for a lifetime.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.