More hosts are breaking the boundaries of indoor versus outdoor dining these days. Gone are the paper plates and plastic cups! Instead, people are daring to take their dinnerware outside.

“Whether it’s brunch on the patio or dinner on the deck, we’re seeing outdoor dining evolving from impromptu cook-outs to more thoughtful, planned gatherings,” said visual merchandiser John Griffith. “Rather than going out for an evening on the town, people are entertaining at home and they’re enhancing that experience by using their dinnerware outdoors, whether it’s a cozy, casual get together or an elegant, formal alfresco meal.”



Griffith and his teammate Julie Robbins develop design ideas for Replacements, Ltd., known as the world’s largest retailer of old and new china, crystal and silver.

“I think many people are a little leery of using what they consider their ‘good dinnerware’ outside, but there are so many ways to dress it up or down depending on the evening,” said Griffith. He pointed out that alternative metal serveware is fantastic for outdoor entertaining because once these pieces are heated or chilled, the alloy retains its temperature to help keep food warm or cool.

“Summer is all about color,” said Robbins. “Bright, bold colors are really hot right now, including oranges and yellows, like freesia. On the other end of the color spectrum, earth tones are popular and work for outdoor entertaining because they are very natural.”



You can easily incorporate sizzling summer shades by using flowers or fresh vegetables as centerpieces. Robbins suggested using paper napkins on your table for a casual feel, while you can just as easily add cloth linens to dress up the same place setting for a more formal feel. She added that you can also use beach towels to create festive table runners.

You can find more decorating ideas on Replacements’ Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.