These days, many homeowners have just purchased a property and are looking to expand the existing square footage of their homes, whether it be by adding out or going up. There are many reasons why homeowners decide to add space. Some just need a little extra room because the family is growing, some have children or parents that are moving back home, and a few have started a home-based business or may even want to implement a second floor deck they always dreamed of — these are just a few of thousands of reasons why an existing house just isn’t big enough.


Drafting Solutions LLC works closely with all clients to marry the company’s design expertise with customers’ concepts, to formulate creative and innovative designs for kitchen, bedroom and bath addition projects. The company advises and assists in design and planning decisions throughout the development of each project, and also takes care of all building permit needs.

All design and renovation projects are important, regardless of how big or small, and Drafting Solutions LLC ensures proper attention and care will be given to each client. To ensure that each home vision becomes a reality, the company refines its designs to best fit within each client’s construction budget. With more than 10 years of design experience, the staff strives to produce thorough and well-organized plans to accommodate each family’s unique circumstances. So if you need help with your next renovation project, start with design and drafting professionals that can provide you exactly what you desire. Give Drafting Solutions LLC a call today at 352-2548.

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