Converting your lanai into usable living space is an affordable renovation that can increase the value of your home at a reasonable investment of $100-$125 per square foot.* After you have received your free estimate and signed your contract, the conversion begins:

Acquire proper building permits

Building permits are acquired from the state, and homeowners who already have plans handy can save time on this step.

Enhance structural integrity with additional footing

This item only occurs if the beams supporting your lanai aren’t suitable to bear the weight of the new renovation. Your estimator will identify this during your free estimate.

Beam/post structure support beams


After the structure is sound, United Pacific Builders’ (UPB) professionals construct the “skeleton” of your new room by installing support and structural beams.

Floor insulation and windows installation

The team then lays the insulation and support system for your flooring system, as well as installing the windows you have selected. UPB LLC follows all proper ventilation requirements per the building code.


Exterior wall installation and roof

Now that you have a skeleton of a room, the walls are installed on the exterior including the wood panels for the roofing system. Ideally, United Pacific Builders works simultaneously with a local roofing crew to ensure a quick and cohesive job. United Pacific Builders goes above and beyond to ensure that this addition matches your existing structure.

Electrical wiring

Prior to starting work on the inside, electrical wiring is done by a licensed electrician to fit your needs. This is outlined in your proposal.

Interior walls


Interior walls are then installed using materials specified. United Pacific Builders typically uses sheet rock for this portion of the install. Once installed, it is mudded and sanded to remove blemishes. Texture is also sprayed at this time if desired.


The room is painted with color specified.

Finished floor product installation

The final touch is the installation of baseboards and a finished flooring product picked out by you, the homeowner.


United Pacific Builders’ job is done and you get to enjoy decorating your new room however you please!


There’s no job too big or too small, United Pacific Builders is the company to call. Get ready to have fun creating more space in your life. Call today for a free estimate at 366-0575. United Pacific Builders LLC, licensed, bonded, insured, BC-31288.

*Pricing is subject to change based on upgrades, appliance and materials.

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