Do you compare warranties when window shopping? Chances are, you spend a lot more time researching window styles. It’s understandable. All that tiny print encourages a lot of glossing over. But what happens when you come across a problem and need to repair, refund or replace your windows? Companies will always refer back to warranties. To make sure you’re protected, here are a few questions to ask yourself when reviewing window warranties.

What does my warranty cover?

If there is a defect in your window’s vinyl or glass, the window’s manufacturer should cover them, and the dealer you bought from should address any issues at no cost to you. While most local companies provide this, make sure you read between the lines. Mario Garcia, general manager of Windows Hawaii, said to watch out for “warranties that offer lifetime warranty on hardware.” Many customers are duped from too-good-to-be-true warranties sold by dealers whose main goal is to sell their products. Over time, these parts will inevitably start to deteriorate. When customers need to replace them, these businesses have closed or changed their names. Garcia said he’s seen a lot of customers who are then stuck without a warranty and have nowhere to go to replace or get a refund for their parts.


Are accidental window breakages covered?


Most window companies offer refunds or replacements for defective windows, but not many cover damages associated with accidental glass breakages. Windows Hawaii is one of the few companies that will replace the glass of your Ali’i Extreme windows due to accidental breakage for up to 10 years. Also included in the company’s windows are Integrated Glass Unit (IGU) and vinyl lifetime warranty.

What’s involved in a warranty transfer?

In the event that you sell your home, you will need to transfer over your warranty. When doing this, make sure you get a warranty that eliminates unnecessary contingencies, an exorbitant amount of money and unrealistic criteria.

Additionally, Windows Hawaii honors transferable warranties. So if you have an Ali’i Extreme window by Anlin, you suspect the windows are still under warranty, and you’re the new homeowner, Garcia invites you to contact Windows Hawaii. “All they need is the original owner’s name to establish a warranty claim,” he added.

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