Winding down with an entertaining TV night is even better when a stylishly mounted TV is along for the ride. Here are the steps to installing one at home

My fiance Scott and I love to unwind by watching TV. When we first moved into our house, we didn’t own a TV and the property didn’t even have an aerial installed! So, once we got our aerial put up (click here to find out why TV aerials are installed on roofs) and bought a TV, we didn’t look back! We have an after-dinner routine of walking our dog through the neighborhood before winding down with our favorite shows. This semester was one of the busiest yet, so our DVR is packed to full capacity – and I’m loving every second of it. I have no problem admitting that nights spent watching TV or movie rentals together are among my favorites.


The television is the perfect thing for giving our brains a break while still allowing us to spend time together. And now, it’s easier than ever to display the appliance in such a way that lets it shine without taking up extra space. You can mount your TV quickly and easily by following these steps.

Purchase a proper mounting kit. Get one that will fit (and hold) your TV. The kit should contain anchors for various surfaces (wood or concrete) that can hold at least five times the weight of your TV. Make sure to jot down your TV’s weight before shopping for your kit.


Lay your TV face down on a hard surface covered with a blanket. If your TV is new, keep the protective wrapper around it.


Attach the mounting arms. There should be mounting holes in the back of your TV already. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, as they can damage the monitor if they are screwed in too far.

Mark the spot by cutting a piece of cardboard to match the outline of the TV. Hold it up to the wall at the desired location, and trace it with a pencil. Optimal viewing height is just slightly above eye level when seated. Remember to keep in mind where cords will go when picking your spot. Then, find two studs inside your outline with a stud finder. Mark the outside edges and centers of each with a pencil, and use a level to ensure they are aligned evenly. Many kits come with mounting templates. Use painter’s tape to affix yours to the wall, along with your level for extra guidance.

Attach the wall mounts by drilling pilot holes on your marks and then attaching mounts using the included hardware. Screw the top two screws before the bottom ones, and do so loosely. Check to make sure the mount is level. Then, tighten your screws, taking care not to over-tighten.


Finish it off by attaching any cables to the TV. Then, with the help of a friend, hang it on the wall mounts by fitting the brackets in place.

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