We’re not the cheaper alternative, we’re the safer one,” said Roger Meints, owner of Akamai Pest Solutions, a small and sturdy company that provides the best and safest treatment for its customers.


“I think a lot of my team, they like working for a smaller business, to stay away from the corporate world and all that hassle,” said Meints.

Since 2003, Akamai Pest Solutions has provided both drywood and ground termite treatment, as well as other pest control solutions. It has strived to keep its treatments state-of-the-art, meaning that with each new product, the company employees must undergo training before using it. Being that new products come out all the time, training is ongoing.

“We have a very well-trained, professional staff. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers about our professionalism. We are neat, clean, they trust us in their home, we’re friendly, we answer their questions; we go the extra mile to treat their house like it is ours,” said Meints.



And it shows — at least one-third of the company’s current business is the result of positive referrals from customers. This can be attributed in part to its staff, which has more than 150 years of combined service.

“Most of my staff have had prior experience in the termite and pest-control industry, and many come from large companies. Not everyone I hire has experience, but a good many of the people I do have come from that background,” said Meints.

With termite season fast approaching, it can often be difficult to determine when it is time to call Akamai Pest Solutions, but common termite traits are as follows: termite droppings, significant groups of termites (“swarming”) or wood damage. “Termites open up a hole and fill it with their droppings, then seal that hole back up,” said Meints.


It is important to remember that swarming does not always constitute termite activity, and that both drywood and ground termites are capable of swarming. Determining what type of termites are infiltrating your home is critical to figuring out the proper treatment.

The safest way to tell the type of termite and what solution is needed is by calling for an inspection (Akamai Pest Solutions offers free estimates) at 754-3393. Visit online at for details.

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