Living in Hawaii, residents are all too familiar with the priceless value of space. These DIY tip-out drawer kits help to utilize every inch of yours

With less than three weeks left in a busy semester, I’ve definitely put off doing home projects, but I certainly haven’t had trouble keeping a list of what I want to do.


First on the list is reorganizing. With almost double the amount of space we had in our previous home, it’s hard to believe that my fiance and I are already coming close to max storage capacity. Luckily, there’s a project that will help us take advantage of previously unused space.

A tip-out drawer kit allows you to easily turn those false drawer fronts near your sink into a safe place to house small household items. The kit is relatively inexpensive and the handiwork is minimal.


• Check the fit. Examine your false drawer to ensure there is room in-between the sink basin and the drawer front. Then, make sure a drawer hole is already cut. (If you remove the front there should be a drawer-sized opening left.)

• Trace the outline. Reach behind drawer front and use a pencil to trace the hole.

• Remove the front. Some fronts require loosening screws. Others, such as those affixed with staples or clips, require gentle tapping.

• Paint or finish the back of the front, if desired. Because this front was not meant to be used, it’s most likely unfinished.

• Place the trays. Align the included trays on the back of the panel. Mark the screw holes with a pencil, then remove the trays, pre-drill the holes and attach the screws. Refrain from tightening the screws too much. You want to leave them a bit loose so you can remove trays later.

• Attach the hinges to the cabinet frame using the screws provided. Mark and drill holes on the back of the panel and on the cabinet frame.

• Bring it together. Attach the hinges to the panel. Then, attach it to the sides of the cabinet. Have a friend help to hold the panel in place for the second step. It will make the job much easier.

• Add hardware. Drill holes for a handle and attach it to the drawer front.

• Slide on the trays. The trays are precut so that you can slide them on and over the screws you attached previously.

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