What is the real value of a quality solar installation? How do you maximize the savings provided by a solar PV system on your home? In short, getting it done right the first time. Expert workmanship paired with top-notch technology is precisely what sets RevoluSun’s quality installations above the rest.

Best workmanship

As the only solar company in Hawaii that offers a workmanship warranty of up to 15 years, RevoluSun’s expert installation team includes members with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certification, licensed electricians and specialized project developers who are trained beyond industry standards.

Unsurpassed technology

By providing SunPower X-Series solar panels — featuring 44 percent more power per panel — RevoluSun offers customers the most energy from less space. The X-Series panels produce 75 percent more energy per square foot and have the most guaranteed power, with a product warranty of 25 years. X-Series panels are designed for demanding conditions like partial shade or hot rooftop temperatures common in Hawaii. Built on a solid copper foundation, SunPower solar cells deliver unmatched reliability over the solar system’s lifetime.


Quality control


SunPower’s quality control program ensures that its dealers perform their work to the highest industry standards, thereby eliminating potential harm to the roof or existing electrical infrastructure of a home. RevoluSun has received numerous perfect scores from SunPower over the years on its annual third-party audits regarding the quality of contractor installations. The lengthy checklist of items reviewed includes:

• Tilt and angle of array
• No shade during optimal six-hour periods of sunshine
• Secure connections
• Properly mounted racking
• Supported conduits
• Condition of roof
• Proper penetrations and seals of mounting and electrical materials
• All clips and bolts tight
• Numerous other installation and module performance intricacies

Protect your roof

RevoluSun is also well-known for its unique racking system that can span further distances and is made of a Marine-grade “6000 series” anodized aluminum, which requires less drilling of holes in the roof. Unirac, owned by the Hilti Group, an industry leader in commercial grade materials, manufactures the racking. RevoluSun’s racking only requires half the holes drilled compared to other conventional systems. This is beneficial because less drilling means less wear and tear on the roof and less opportunity for leaks.

“If you value quality and performance, RevoluSun provides the system that will make that evident once installed,” said client Stephen Simmons from Waipahu. “The performance exceeded what RevoluSun projected and exceeded even our highest expectations. I could not have anticipated such a satisfactory conclusion to this project.”

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