Ever wondered the difference between “just going solar” and “joining the RevoluSun?” Here’s one example:

“I financed the purchase of my RevoluSun solar system a few years ago, and today the system is still going strong and my financing is paid off! I also couldn’t be happier with the quality and reliability of RevoluSun’s work. Other solar systems in my neighborhood suffered significant wind damage during a recent storm, but mine stayed firmly in place with no leaks,” said happy client P. Joe.

“More options means more ways to go solar,” said Gregg Murphy, RevoluSun’s Director of Sales. “We provide homeowners with more choices so that everybody can get solar on their home.” Here are several reasons to go solar now:

Start saving immediately


RevoluSun offers lease options that can save homeowners 30 to 50 percent on their electricity bill with no out-of-pocket costs. RevoluSun also has a custom lease option designed to qualify consumers with lower credit scores.

Better options for ownership and tax benefits

If a homeowner prefers to own the solar project and benefit from the substantial tax credits, RevoluSun offers five different financing options including those for low-credit qualifiers and lease-to-own loans.


Highest quality materials and installation

By using the highest quality installation methods and materials, RevoluSun offers the most cost-effective and reliable solar systems on the market. Doing it right the first time reduces future maintenance and operation costs and preserves the integrity of the roof.

For example, RevoluSun installs the world’s best, high-performance solar panels from manufacturers with the strongest 25-year warranties and financial stability. Buying panels from a lesser manufacturer is risky because if that manufacturer goes out of business, panel replacements will be difficult to find and warranties voided.


RevoluSun uses a UniRac racking system that results in up to 50 percent fewer roof penetrations, decreasing the risk of roof and mounting degradation. UniRac, owned by the Hilti Group, is well known for industry-leading expertise and commercial grade, long-lasting materials.

Local experience means superior service

RevoluSun is locally owned and operated and has installed more than 4,500 residential solar systems in Hawaii. As a result, RevoluSun’s responses to customer concerns will be prompt and knowledgeable.

CertainTeed approval equals greater security for your roof and home

More than 50 percent of the roofs on Oahu homes are constructed with premium CertainTeed Corporation materials, and RevoluSun is the only solar company in Hawaii to qualify for a CertainTeed warranty of the roofing materials and RevoluSun’s solar system penetrations. Normally, when a solar company penetrates a CertainTeed roof, CertainTeed’s warranty will not cover those penetrations.

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