Lanai and Augie are two local boys that love to make you laugh, but high electric prices are no joke. That’s why they’ve teamed up with Shaka Solar to help Hawaii residents go green with photovoltaic (PV) solar solutions that will save thousands of dollars in future energy costs, and at the most affordable prices in Hawaii.

“We are here to help Hawaii go green and save some green,” smiled Lanai. “With Shaka Solar, now everyone can afford to get a PV solar system on their home. We proudly offer the best pricing and value guaranteed. That’s why we call it the Shaka Solar ‘PV Guarantee’ for best pricing and value.”

Shaka Solar is proud to offer the new Shaka Solar Sun Maximizer system boasting up to 280 watt SolarWorld panels and backed with a 10 year installation guarantee and 25 panel performance warranty. Plus, all Shaka Solar systems come with a system cleaning and maintenance program for the first two years.



“We like to go that extra step by coming out to your home for the first two years to do a maintenance check up and cleaning, just to make sure that your system is up to speed,” said Lanai. “That service is included with every complete Shaka Solar system purchased. We also offer an extended service plan should our customers appreciate that annual peace of mind.” And if you’ve already purchased a solar system from another company, no problem. Shaka Solar has a cleaning and maintenance agreement program for every homeowner.

“In 2012, there was a boom in solar system sales,” said Lanai. “Now with all the hurdles of getting solar systems approved for grid interconnection, sales are down and unfortunately many solar companies have gone out of business or disappeared and left their customers with no one to turn to. We are locally owned and operated and are here for everyone. If you need someone to look after your system, please give us a call and we will put you on our cleaning and maintenance program — all affordably priced with the local ohana in mind.”

Shaka Solar is also proud to offer the absolute lowest pricing on 100 percent Off-Grid systems that require no reviews or approvals. “This is the future of solar,” exclaimed Lanai. “If you live in a 100 percent or 120 percent zone, chances are you will be waiting for a while. Go with a 100 percent Off-Grid system and we can get you up and running today. This is the future of energy and just like the cell phone, it’s going to be a standard. The military has been using it for years. It’s safe and effective and you will absolutely love it. And if you’re home is available for grid interconnection, our net energy meter application submittal process is fast and free.”

Call Shaka Solar today for a free estimate and find out how affordable solar can be. “I’ll personally give you a call and help you get the system that’s right for your ohana,” confirmed Lanai. “Let’s start you on a lifetime of savings!”

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