There’s more to your home to admire than just its beautiful and functional architectural structure. Planning your outdoor space and landscape is a sure way to transform your home from looking good to looking beautiful.

A great plan balances aesthetics with functionality. Leave it to your landscape designer to guide you in creating a home landscape plan to address your needs and meet your budget.


During the planning process, your landscaping plan is drafted with the goal of creating a space that matches your lifestyle. Since this is your personal space, it’s important that the result meets your needs. At LanaiScapes, the company involves its clients in the design process and throughout the entire project.

When planning a home landscape, be sure to go over the following:

• Budget. Prioritize your needs and wants, as this affects how much to set aside for your project. It’s important to have a budget, however, it’s helpful to let your landscaper know of items you want but might not be able to afford right now. This will help plan for items that may be integrated into your project at a later date.

• Styles and themes. Do you want a design that’s minimal, more luxurious, or somewhere in between? Contemporary Hawaiiana, Indo-Bali or even an Asian garden are just a couple of the choices you have.


• Make a list. Brainstorm about things to consider when choosing colors, plants, trees, flowers, green foliage, water features and rocks.

• Usage. How will you use your outdoor space? Do you entertain often? What kind of seating area works best? Do you have a family dog, love gardening, or maybe just want to use the area as a space for relaxing and kicking back?

It’s also important to ask yourself how often you will be using the space. Just on the weekends? Or will you spend time there every day? Identifying the time of day you’ll most use your space is important too.

• Pictures. Explaining what you imagine as the perfect outdoor design space might be difficult to communicate, and for some designers to visualize. Have photo references ready to help with direction and to avoid a hit-and-miss while designing.

• Color palettes. These are also useful to help the designer incorporate your preferred shades with foliage suggestions. Remember, there are plenty of shades of blue, red and green.

• Trellis and arbors. These are wonderful outdoor space accents that add vertical beauty and create practical places to train flowering vines. They are also great for enclosing a space for privacy.

• Water features. A custom water feature can create a place of interest, beauty and serenity.


Spending time on a plan before starting your project will help you budget for and transform your outdoor space into a haven of calming energy.

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