Permanent, aluminum Country Manor Shakes (CMS) look great on a roof just like cedar does, but without the drawbacks of wood. CMS is formed from high-tensile aluminum, and is therefore permanent.

It’s safe in fires, requires almost no maintenance, and offers a manufacturer’s warranty on specific occurrences including failure in winds up to 120 mph or damage occurring because of Hawaii’s marine environment. The manufacturer will pay 100 percent of the cost of material and replacement labor (not prorated) for 40 years or more if the roof fails in any manner covered by the warranty.


Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR) has been specializing in the installation of the CMS roof for more than 25 years, with thousands of installations statewide. ASR has found the cool CMS roof to be the perfect roof throughout the state in both traditional and high-end neighborhoods. ASR develops a project estimate by providing a scaled drawing of the roof based on field dimensions, and then listing and quantifying all the work needed to complete the roof correctly. This detailed method results in everyone getting the same fair price regardless of where they live.

Often, ASR is asked by knowledgeable homeowners or designers to fabricate and install decorative architectural finishes, custom formed from a variety of sustainable metals such as copper and colorized or duplex stainless steel. These high performance materials tend to enhance the aesthetics of their homes and dramatically (and permanently) increase the environmental protection provided by the exterior surface. The craftsmanship and expertise necessary to complete these projects is assurance that ASR’s installers and management have the experience necessary to give the homeowner the best value for their money.


If you would like to learn more about the CMS system, give ASR’s owner, Fred Rehm, a call. He will give you a free, detailed and written estimate based on the work that will be required to change your roof and transform your home to the best looking house in the neighborhood.

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