It’s summertime! The great thing about summer is the opportunity for family and friends to come over for more outdoor barbecues. According to a recent report, homeowners who invest in adding a deck to their property can expect nearly a 75-percent return on their investment if they later sell their property.

This makes deck construction a very popular addition to homes for both entertaining and potential financial gain purposes. Depending on the materials and intricacy of the deck design, homeowners can anticipate a cost from $15 per square foot to $45 per square foot.

There is a wide variety of material options for local residents that can meet your building needs.

Real wood decking is the original decking material of many contractors and homeowners. The advantages of a real wood deck are the swiftness in which it can be installed, its natural appearance, the ability to stain the substrate to a color of choice and its overall comfort under bare feet.


When considering a real wood deck, homeowners should be mindful that annual cleaning is necessary, and for viability purposes, decks should be stained again every two to three years to maintain the original color. The types of real wood decking vary in both price type and advantage, some typical options being redwood, cedar and extremely dense and highly durable tropical hardwoods.


Composite wood decking is made by combining a blend of plastic and waste wood fibers. The huge advantage to this decking material is that it won’t splinter and doesn’t need to be stained or painted, therefore minimizing installation time.

Composite decking materials do tend to be more expensive and heavier than other wood types. It is ideal for homeowners to clean their composite decks regularly to prevent mildew. Composites are offered in a variety of colors, which makes the design and continuity of adding the decking system easier for homeowners.

Plastic decking comes in a variety of colors and patterns. When choosing plastic decking systems, homeowners will enjoy a splinter-free deck, however the appearance, sound and feel will differ from the above wood decking systems. These systems may shift during temperature changes, but on the islands this is not much of an issue.

Polystyrene has deep grooves on its underside. This allows homeowners to enjoy a seamless deck with no visible fasteners thanks to hidden clamp systems.


An additional bonus is its non-slip surface that becomes even less slippery when wet. It is typically offered in six colors and is another type of plastic decking system, however it looks like real wood and can easily fool your neighbors.

Porcelain pavers and other deck tiles offer homeowners the ability to choose from a variety of designs and colors. There are many advantages to this decking material, including, but not limited to exceptional strength, durability and overall wear/weather resistance.


Depending on the veneer, many of these pavers or deck tiles are resistant to algae/mold growth in addition to being quick drying and slip resistant. To add an additional level of health and safety, they are also fire resistant. These materials offer homeowners versatility and safety.

United Pacific Builders LLC (UPB) understands that you value your outdoor space, and also offers a solution for homeowners who lack the real estate to extend an on-the-ground decking system in their backyard — the installation of elevated decking systems. This adds usable square footage to your home and additional entertainment space. The above materials are all suitable for both on-the-ground or elevated decking systems.

There’s no job too big or too small, United Pacific Builders is the one to call. UPB is a local company owned and operated in Hawaii. Deck your house out for summer by calling today at 366-0575. Be sure to ask about a free estimate.

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