In today’s competitive housing market, many residents and prospective homeowners have turned to the expertise of design-build company RUI Building Supply to assist them with their home construction and renovation needs. As one of the island’s most sought-out construction companies, RUI Building Supply possesses both the experience and manpower to execute any project no matter how big or small.

“Over the years, we have come to realize that to be good in one area of the construction process is simply not enough because it requires the use of multiple teams which wastes a lot of time and money in the end,” said Xiao “Rui” Xie, owner of RUI Building Supply. “To truly give the clients their maximum return on investment, we handle every step of the process and use an in-house design consultant to tailor any design to a specific budget.”



Conveniently located on Sand Island Access Road, the RUI Building Supply office is adjacent to the company’s 18,000-square-foot warehouse complete with over thousands of different types of materials and fixtures. “We are one of the few companies on the island with access to an inventory so extensive and readily available,” said Rui. “This saves the team from having to wait long periods to order materials and evaluate if it will work on the property.”

Complete with finishes that include countertops, flooring, tiling, shower panels, sinks, doors and more, RUI Building Supply’s inventory is constantly refreshed with the latest high-quality materials. Additionally, the company also holds exclusive rights to various kitchen appliances such as ovens, refrigerators and microwaves, all of which come at a discounted price.

In working with a company equipped with an all-encompassing contracting license, clients can expect significant savings. “We are pretty much a one-stop shop for all home construction services, which allows us to offer extremely competitive rates with no hidden fees,” said Rui. “Not only does this type of arrangement make us more affordable and efficient, but to a large extent it gives the client peace of mind knowing the same team is handling everything.”

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