Next Sunday, April 27, from noon to 5 p.m., S. Tanaka Construction invites you to its Contractor Open House. This event will be featuring a brand new multigenerational home in Kapahulu — complete with an impressive seven bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, full kitchen and wet bar — specifically built for multiple families living together.

The homeowners of this project approached S. Tanaka Construction already knowing they wanted to tear down their existing home and rebuild a new one that would accommodate their new living situation. After years of doing their own home renovation work, they had finally decided that all the time and effort they were putting into trying to maintain their 50-year-old home was a never-ending and tiresome process. They also realized the home itself could not accommodate the living situation they were going to be in, which consisted of two generations of family members trying to live under one roof.

When the homeowners came to the decision they were going to rebuild their home, the construction company they immediately thought of was S. Tanaka Construction. Back in 2005, they had done a project with S. Tanaka Construction to renovate their family beach house. Then in 2011, one family member approached S. Tanaka Construction again when they needed work done on their Aiea home. They all had such good experiences working with the company that it was only natural for them to return to S. Tanaka Construction once again to rebuild their family home.

If you are considering building a brand new home, schedule an appointment to view this house by calling S. Tanaka Construction at 848-5010. You’ll be able to meet with someone on-site who can answer questions you may have about the building process. The company is a design/build company which means it will help you with everything from planning and designing your custom home all the way through the construction process.

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