As the economy continues to improve, homeowners are now using the equity they’ve built up to make major improvements to their homes. Although today’s homeowners are much more educated about the types of products available, many still are not sure how the process works. That’s where Graham Builders comes in.

A design-build general contracting firm with more than 20 years of experience in Hawaii, Graham Builders is not your typical contractor who bids on plans drawn by architects or homeowners who have existing plans. Homeowners turn to Graham Builders as their sole source solution to take care of the design, planning and construction of their home project whether it is a new build, renovation or remodel. In some cases, Graham Builders also guides families through the financing phase through its partnership with Graham Mortgage, Inc. Graham Builders also has a staff of highly qualified architectural designers and project managers who have been in the business for many years. In addition, the company only works with seasoned and professional subcontractors.



“The design-build process realizes the best overall value for homeowners,” said Evan Fujimoto, president of Graham Builders. “In the traditional design-bid-build process, homeowners first work with an architect or draftsperson for the design and then seek bids from contractors. Unfortunately, bids often come in well over budget, requiring redesign and value engineering to bring the design and scope of work in line with the realities of construction costs. This is the not-too-happy phase many homeowners unexpectedly go through.”

A major difference in the design-build approach is that Graham Builders estimates costs from the very beginning of design all the way through, as numerous options are considered. “The size, scope and quality of finishes are always considered within the context of potential costs,” said Fujimoto.

This means that the company will design the project to balance needs, wants, aesthetics and functionality within the parameters of the budget that each homeowner establishes up-front. For Graham Builders, the homeowners’ interests always come first.


When homeowners come to Graham Builders, they are paired with a team of design professionals that include architectural designers and design coordinators. They work with homeowners to help realize each families’ vision for their home. This relationship is central in producing a finished product that each homeowner will be happy with.

If you are considering a home construction project and want to learn more about getting started, attend Graham Builders’ upcoming seminar. You also can tune into Graham Builders’ newly launched radio show on AM 690 from 3 to 4 p.m.

Attend a Building Your Home For Life seminar
Graham Builders’ upcoming seminar:
• Saturday, April 19
• Honolulu Country Club.

The seminar is free, but reservations are required. Go to or call 593-2808 to register.

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