We all want our lives to be easier (if not simpler) and we want to live in a home where we can relax. We all want to live in a space where we can enjoy more of our time without spending extra effort and money to keep things running smoothly and properly. Preparing your home for easy maintenance and long-term use can ensure many happy, worry-free years ahead.

Building or renovating a bathroom can sometimes be a daunting task for both experienced and inexperienced homeowners. Quite possibly the most important question to ask oneself is: Who will be doing the work? Sometimes pairing up with an experienced builder or designer can take a lot of the stress and headache off of the homeowner. Proper planning and ordering products in advance is the only way to make sure fixtures are on hand when it comes time for installation.

To avoid headaches caused by shipping lead times, The Bathroom Store keeps a large supply of on-hand inventory. Monthly shipments from the mainland ensure short lead times on made-to-order or specialty items.


Valves and rough plumb items will usually be the first products one must decide on, since the plumbing more often than not must be finished prior to putting up or replacing walls.

Bathtubs and showers should be the next items ordered, since these usually precede any floor or wall tile work and may have a longer lead time depending on features. Toilets, shower trims, vanities and faucets are often the last fixtures to go in, but one should still try to avoid waiting till the last minute to pick up these items.

The time spent planning and choosing products before the start of a job will often result in less stress and having to opt for second choice products due to availability.


The Bathroom Store always strives to deliver excellent customer service by helping the homeowner or builder along the way with proper product selection so that issues don’t arise where function is compromised for form or vice versa.


Pre-shopping your fixtures prior to a renovation project can give you a more accurate idea of how to spend your budget. Researching products, word of mouth testimonials and expert advice are all helpful ways to narrow down product selection.

Different finishes usually have different costs and care instructions, so someone should always make it a point to find which finish will better suit his or her needs. The idea of a maintenance-free plumbing fixture is unrealistic, but there are plenty of features available that are directed towards making the homeowner’s life a little easier.

Toto’s Sanagloss Glaze, Fleurco’s Mircotek glass coatings and Toto’s shower valves with inline filters and integral shut-offs are all examples of designs that reduce maintenance. One-piece toilets have less rubber seals and less maintenance than two-piece toilets. Easy clean nozzles on shower fixtures make knocking down calcium an easy chemical-free process. Seats equipped with E-water+ actually spray the toilet bowl with clean water before every use and electrolyzed water after every use.

Stop in and see the experts at The Bathroom Store before starting your next bathroom renovation.

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