Having a tough time choosing windows for your home? There are several factors to consider when window shopping. Here are a few must-haves to include on your list.

• Energy-efficient. Many people don’t realize their windows can have a dramatic impact on the temperature of their home. Choosing an energy-efficient window system will make your home cooler even during those hot summer months.

• Sound-efficient. Over time, noise pollution from loud neighbors and ongoing traffic can take a toll on your health. The right windows can work as a barrier keeping external noise out.

• Blocks UV rays. You wear sunscreen when you go outside, but those harmful rays can follow you indoors by penetrating certain windows. This can also make your air conditioning system work harder, increasing energy costs.


• Provides security. Flimsy window frames can make your home attractive to burglars. To prevent potential break-ins, outfit your home with windows that come with security features like metal reinforced locking rails.

After a decade of research and development, Anlin Window Systems created Ali’i Extreme Windows specifically with Hawaii in mind. Ali’i Extreme Windows come with Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing system, which has a triple layer glass coating to block out 95 percent of UV rays. The windows’ airtight seal and triple-fin weather strip drastically minimizes outside noise and keeps hot air out. Ali’i Extreme Windows locking systems also passed California’s forced entry test, the industry’s toughest test when it comes to break-ins. In addition to durability, energy-efficiency and streamlined look, Ali’i Extreme Windows also come with a lifetime guarantee. Those unique features account for the brand’s popularity with locals.

Mario Garcia, general manager of Windows Hawaii, the only licensed distributor for Ali’i Extreme Windows on Oahu, said, “Ali’i Extreme Window is the only one with Infinite glass. In my eyes, this makes it the best window in the Hawaiian market today by far.”

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