The kitchen — it’s the central hub of the home where we do homework, pay bills, charge electronics, surf the Web and cook up a meal or two. We spend hours in this core of the house, so it’s not surprising that a recent survey from the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) found that four out of five homeowners want to change something about their kitchen.

Whether the change you’re seeking is a complete overhaul or a simple update, the following tips and projects can help turn your kitchen from cluttered and chaotic to clean and organized.

Conquer counters and cabinets

While you may not be able to add square footage to your kitchen, there are many ways to conquer clutter and make the room feel larger. Start by clearing off the countertops and placing small appliances or unnecessary items in cupboards or closets.


Next, focus on the sink area. Add some fashion and function with a new single-handle pulldown or pullout faucet; and swap the dingy bottle of soap with a permanent soap dispenser. Many soap dispensers, like the new premium line from Moen, are available in several designs — modern, transitional and traditional — to coordinate with your new faucet.


Are you tired of the kitchen dish towels lying on the sink or countertop — or worse yet, the floor? Towel bars, towel rings and hooks are an ideal solution to provide a permanent and convenient home for this kitchen necessity. Other accessories, such as robe hooks, can also be used to hang potholders. Whether mounting on the side of an upper cabinet, the end of the island or other work areas, Moen offers a variety of accessories such as the Boardwalk and Banbury collections that perfectly match Moen kitchen faucets.

And don’t stop there. Create continuity throughout your updated space with new knobs and drawer pulls that complement your faucets and fixtures. Whether you prefer modern or something more traditional, there are many options available to extend your sense of design down to the details.

“Homeowners are demanding more from their kitchens than ever before,” said Mike Maynard, product manager, Moen Accessories. “We know that it‘s much more than a spot to cook and clean the dishes. That’s why Moen keeps consumers’ needs top-of-mind by offering thoughtfully designed products to fit the ever-changing demands of this vital room.”

Drawer storage

We often have good intentions when organizing our kitchen drawers, but let’s face it — they’re usually a mess! According to, many homeowners are taking a new approach to kitchen drawer storage and solving space dilemmas by installing customized sliding drawers. One example is an under-sink sliding drawer which pulls out to provide easy access to cleaning supplies that often get lost behind the pipes.

Another popular addition is a built-in utensil drawer. Rather than using traditional horizontal drawers that lead to utensils being piled on and lost in the back, this vertical pullout features a variety of deep cups to hold serving ware. Or for a more affordable solution, houzz recommends placing stainless steel pots in a deep empty drawer.


Order in the house


Mail, iPads and keys … oh my! Beyond the pots and pans, the kitchen becomes a dumping ground for everyday items. Instead of having all of your paperwork collect on your island or countertops, create a central command kitchen station complete with stylish baskets to hide clutter and built-in book shelves or mail slots to ensure everything has a proper place. If you have enough space, add a desk to offer a devoted area for paper storage — as well as a work center to pay bills or do school work.

With a few simple projects, you can cook up some space in your kitchen and achieve maximum organization and style. For more information on Moen accessories or products, visit

Creative carts and savvy stools

Another option to make your kitchen feel more spacious is to invest in a rolling cabinet or cart. It can be used for storage (for example, hiding those small appliances) or serve as a kitchen island that, when not in use, can be stored in the pantry or closet. Hosting a family get-together or party? Use the rolling cart as your bar when entertaining guests.

Already have a kitchen island? To help save even more floor space, install swivel stools without backs. They are a great solution, as they can be neatly tucked away after a meal or when homework is done.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.