For more than 63 years, Matsumoto’s Grocery Store has been serving rainbow colored aloha to tourists, a sitting U.S. president and just about everyone in between. Serving more than 1,200 shave ice each day, almost all of Matsumoto’s flavors are homemade.

“Almost all of our syrups are made in-house,” said Matsumoto’s manager Amy Agustin. “Our most popular combinations like the ‘Matsumoto’ with lemon, pineapple and coconut, are flavors we’ve been making for a very long time,” said Agustin.


2013 brought big changes to Haleiwa town and Matsumoto’s. As the company began planning to move into the brand new 256-square-foot shave ice location, it also received word that every business in the Haleiwa Redevelopment Project was required to fumigate its building.

“This was the very first time Matsumoto’s had ever been fumigated,” said Agustin. “In a way, it was a very exciting process to see the entire building covered in a red and black striped tarp!” And despite such sweet temptations served up inside, the grocery store was surprisingly pest free.


“That’s a testament to how clean they kept their business,” said David Melton, general manager of Kamaaina Termite & Pest Control. “Cockroaches, ants and other pests are creatures of opportunity and habit. If they have access to food and water, they will permanently move into your property,” Melton said.


Tent fumigations and pest control maintenance programs are an inevitable reality of life in Hawaii. Its tropical climate creates the perfect environment for termites and other pests to flourish. Ground and dry-wood termite infestations are an unavoidable eventuality.

“Fumigating a property may seem overwhelming, but if you choose the right pest control company, they will take you step by step through the entire process,” said Melton. “Our employees are industry experts and know exactly how to take care of our Hawaii customers.”

Agustin echoed that sentiment. “Kamaaina staff were very professional. They made sure we understood the entire fumigation process and what we needed to do.”


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