How much should a new roof cost? Below is a look at the most common products and services provided here in Hawaii.

Asphalt shingles are an affordable way for homeowners to upgrade their roof at a low cost. A system for a standard single family home can range from $8-12k. This upgrade can provide homeowners with a limited lifetime warranty and is available in energy-efficient colors. This roof typically takes two to four days for installation.

Tile (Monier/Boral) is another popular choice homeowners consider because of its durability, array of colors and overall aesthetic nature. Homeowners can benefit from its Limited Lifetime Warranty, as well as enjoy a cool living space. You will need to set aside about a week for installation, and an average investment for a single family home is between $20-24k. It’s a price jump, but its beauty sells itself.


A metal roof is another upgrade to consider. Much like tile, metal is highly aesthetic and will increase the value of your home. Metal is lightweight and the Standing Seam profile is perfect if you are considering PV installation. Living in the islands, clients are accustomed to high winds, and this roof comes with options for high wind resistant warranties — tandem with warranties that range up to 50 years. The pricing and installation for a new metal roof is comparable to that of Monier tile ($20-24k).


Cedar shake roofs are synonymous with a traditional distinctive appearance. Cedar roofs are also energy-efficient, providing a natural insulation up to twice that of asphalt shingles. This allows you to conserve cooling costs and significantly save on energy bills. Homeowners can compare the installation and pricing of a shake roof to that of both tile and metal.

Looking for a solution to low-slope areas, Modified Bitumen (rolled asphalt) is a tried, tested and proven product provided by multiple manufacturers. The warranties for modified bitumen range from 10-20 years. Typical installation takes from three to five days and costs between $10-12.5k.

Another great product for a low-slope situation is Single-Ply. This product is a highly reflective, durable rubber membrane that has taken the commercial roofing industry by storm in recent years. It is available for homeowners as well, price ranging from $14-20k. Installation time is three to six days.


Roof Coatings Tropical Silicone and Gaco silicone are great ways to upgrade your current roofing substrate and prevent future leaks while reducing the overall inside temperature of your home. The installation is quick and can be done between two to four days at a cost to the homeowner between $7-10k. A newer product on the Hawaii scene is InoPaz, boasting the same waterproofing capacity as silicone, but with the added perk of no debris sticking to its surface.

Roofing and solar go hand in hand. The most renowned perk to installing PV is energy bill reduction, however, when using Surface Shield, homeowners are experiencing the comfort and peace of mind in knowing that their PV penetrations are also warranted against leaks. PV installation with Surface Shield is a quick and seamless process that takes about two to three days at an investment cost between $15-30k.

Surface Shield Roofing and Solar is a one-stop shop providing homeowners with hassle-free solutions to protect their home or building. Surface Shield offers roofing and solar combo pricing that can save homeowners thousands! One company, two warranties — saves lots of money and hassles!

Call for a free estimate. The company services Oahu, so go green, and buy local!


Costs are based on an average 2,000 square foot single-family home.

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