Solar grid hook-up may be on hold, but that does not mean that you cannot give your existing photovoltaic systems a little TLC — Risource Energy’s Testing, Long-Term Performance and Care Maintenance Program that is. “Photovoltaic systems require very little maintenance in general,” said Darren Furumoto, president of Risource Energy. “However, periodic maintenance checks can help extend the life of your PV system. Being alerted to minor fixes is the best way to prevent expensive, catastrophic failure.”



Risource Energy offers a free maintenance check not only on PV systems it has installed, but for all customers with PV. This free maintenance check includes: visual inspection of all mechanical components including roof array, racking, conduit, inverters, service disconnects and breaker panels and electrical testing of the DC and AC sides of the PV system. Additionally, Risource Energy has specialized equipment for thermal imaging and IV curve tests to measure the output of your PV. This, in conjunction with a shade analysis, ensures that your panels have the highest output possible, hence saving you money. Project manager Charles Lum said, “The readings we receive from the maintenance check are very valuable because it tells us immediately if something is wrong. Typically you won’t know until your electricity bill arrives. Then, it’s too late.” If a repair is needed, Risource Energy can quickly prepare a quote to bring the system back to optimal operation.

Long-term performance


Another maintenance strategy is remote monitoring. Online monitoring of PV systems has become commonplace for newly installed panels. While most panels have monitoring capability, some panels may not have had a monitoring system fitted when installed. Risource Energy offers this service for houses with internet connection. For a minimal charge, Risource Energy can install monitoring devices on each inverter to deliver a constant stream of information. Of course, a cool feature is that you can view it remotely on your phone as an app. Risource Energy will monitor the devices free of charge for the life of the PV system.



TLC performance for your PV panels can be optimized with proper maintenance. Scheduling an on-site assessment will allow Risource Energy to tailor a customized schedule of inspections, maintenance, cleaning and equipment replacement. The care you take now in setting up a maintenance plan will reap rewards down the line for the longevity of your panels. Give a quick call to Risource Energy at 843-8100 to schedule your free maintenance check up.

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Photos by Darren Furumoto and Charles Lum