Did you know more than 70 percent of the roofs on Oahu homes are constructed with premium CertainTeed Corporation materials? And did you know that normally, when a photovoltaic (PV) solar company penetrates a CertainTeed roof, CertainTeed’s warranty will not cover those penetrations? CertainTeed has recently certified RevoluSun as the only solar company in Hawaii for which CertainTeed will warranty both its roofing materials and PV system penetrations.

“CertainTeed Corporation is an established, leading roofing materials company in North America and is known for having premium roof quality and the best warranties,” explained Gregg Murphy, RevoluSun director of sales.

“Because of our quality installations, RevoluSun is now the only solar company in Hawaii authorized to install PV systems on CertainTeed roofs while maintaining a comprehensive warranty for all penetrations and materials.”


Superior racking method and higher quality components


RevoluSun’s unique racking methods may have something to do with the CertainTeed certification. RevoluSun’s racking spans greater distances than conventional systems, requiring fewer penetrations and less wear and tear on the roof. RevoluSun also provides the highest-quality racking made from marine-grade anodized aluminum for long-term stability.

Experience and quality translate to peace of mind

No homeowner should have to choose between a secure roof and solar, explained RevoluSun principal Eric Carlson. “We have installed more than 4,000 residential PV systems in Hawaii and we appreciate how strong roofs need to be to withstand a tropical rainstorm,” he said. “In our view, high-quality components and manufacturer partnerships are not just nice to have — they are essential. We know our reputation is on the line, and we insist on doing things right to maintain our position as the best solar company in Hawaii.”

RevoluSun customer Helen Felsing Watkins loves showing the panels and inverters to her friends and neighbors. “They say, ‘Wow, it’s like you have your own little power plant.’ And actually, we do,” she exclaimed. “Because of the time and care RevoluSun put into learning what we needed, we ended up with exactly the system we wanted. We are thrilled with it.”

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