Learning the basics of solar installation

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April 20, 2014

Leakmaster Roofing has been successfully working with the major solar companies since 1990 to ensure that your roof will not leak during or after the installation of your new PV panels. Here are some important things you need to know before you install solar panels.

Make sure your roof lasts as long as your PV panels do, which are typically warranted for 20+ years. Leak-master can install roofing systems that are warranted against leaks by the manufacturer for that length of time. These leaks include all material and labor to stop your leak, even 19 years after the original installation.

Be sure your roofer will waterproof before, during and after the solar install. Typically, Leakmaster installs the roof before the solar company arrives. After the company makes its roof penetrations it will come by to waterproof them. After the solar company leaves the job, Leakmaster will do a final inspection to touch-up any scuff marks and water test the new roof.



If you have a Monier tile roof, you may want to replace the section under the new solar panels with a walkable roof deck instead. This ensures that in the future you won’t have a bunch of broken tiles near your new solar.

Solar PV panels produce 5 percent more electricity when installed over a cool reflective roof versus a dark roof. Heat is the enemy of solar PV. Choose lighter colors and save.

Your AC costs are reduced by an average of 22 percent with a cool roof. You may be able to get by with a smaller PV system or use the excess energy to power your electric car.



Make sure your roofing company has been licensed at least as long as the warranties it is selling. If the company is issuing a 20 year warranty, ask if it has even been around that long. Call the Better Business Bureau or the Contractors Licensing Board to find out.

Leakmaster Roofing is happy to see your site and give you a free estimate to either repair or replace your existing roof before you install solar. This extra step ensures that your roof lasts as long as your new solar panels.

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