With the rainy season behind us and spring just around the corner, many have begun the arduous search for a qualified team of experts to help build their dream home. To ease the process, RUI Building Supply offers years of experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding a vast array of trades from architectural design to home construction to plumbing and electrical work.

“Rather than seek out all these different services individually, we are equipped to handle any task that comes with home construction and renovation,” said Xiao “Rui” Xie, owner of RUI Building Supply. “Not only does this allow the process to move quicker, but it provides customers with significant savings because they don’t have ten different invoices being thrown at them.”


Equipped with a full-spectrum contracting license, RUI’s team works with clients closely from start to finish. “To start, every client gets assigned a personal design consultant,” said Rui. “Whether the client wants a home that is traditional, contemporary, or something different altogether, it’s the designer’s job to come up with a plan that meets his or her specific needs, as well as the budget.”

As a full-service home renovation and construction company, RUI Building Supply has helped build homes all across the island. With its 18,000-square-foot warehouse located directly behind the company’s showroom, experts can confidently assure clients with immediate delivery of any and all desired materials. “We dedicate a whole team to ensuring we have an abundant inventory of materials and tools at any given time,” said Rui. “It’s important for us to start work right away with minimal halts or interruptions along the way.”

Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the company’s showroom located on Sand Island Access Road. Open daily during business hours, the walk-in space features more than a dozen models including shower fixtures, cabinet installations and custom countertops for the bathroom and kitchen. If desired, customers are also welcome to tour the warehouse located next door with an impressive roster of materials including over a hundred different types of granite, quartz, steel, hardwood, porcelain and plywood.

“We are constantly updating our shipments to reflect the latest discoveries in the construction industry regarding strength, durability and longevity,” said Rui. “From a home’s infrastructure to interior finishes, we aim to implement an aesthetic that is both visually and structurally worthy of this beautiful island.”


For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit www.ruisupplyandconstruction.net or call 848-8820.

contact // 848-8820
address // 155 Sand Island Access Road
web // www.ruisupplyandconstruction.net