In recent years, Drafting Solutions LLC has received calls from homeowners looking to renovate their houses to accommodate their children returning home from school on the Mainland. Other calls come from homeowners planning to bring their senior parents home to live with them, rather than sending them to a senior care facility — a common local issue.

With the escalating cost of real estate in Hawaii, additions or alterations are great ways to provide the extra space for the returning children or family member. But most importantly, they provide personal space until the family members are ready to get a place of their own.

Many think that it is cost-effective to just add an extra room in the back. True, but what if it is not done right?

Does it really add value to your home, or just become another add-on? Drafting Solutions’ advice to its clients is that, if the job is done well, a seamless addition will blend right into your existing home and will add much desired value.


Another common renovation scenario would be those adults who would like to invite their aging parents to live with them in their homes. Of course, the home then needs to be reconfigured and changed to be more age appropriate. Some common renovations include bathrooms that are more accessible, adding ramps to deal with level changes, or removing sunken living rooms. On the other hand, there are those middle age adults who are retrofitting their houses to prepare for their own futures. Drafting Solutions advises:

• Don’t shortchange yourself; do the renovation tastefully without making it look institution-like.
• Design and plan well to fit your present and future needs.
• Stay involved with your project throughout the design and construction process.

The value of ohana and catering to its needs is ever so precious to Drafting Solutions. Let Drafting Solutions LLC help you bring your loved ones home. Visit the company’s website found at or call to discuss your next home renovation.

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