When it’s time to replace windows, the first thought is, “What is the best window manufactured for Hawaii’s heavy UV and salt-air climate?” The answer is Simonton — the No. 1 rated window in the U.S. Lately, there are a lot of Mainland companies trying to sell windows in Hawaii by claiming to have a window designed for Hawaii. It’s easy for a company to claim to have a window designed for Hawaii, but can it prove it? Simonton can, and has designed a window for the North, North Central, South Central and Southern areas of the U.S. Hawaii is considered the Southern area with states like Florida and the Gulf Coast states.

Simonton has designed an all-virgin vinyl window with all the important ingredients to withstand the heavy salt air, as well as the strong UV rays in Hawaii. All Simonton windows also have stainless steel hardware to ensure salt durability in Hawaii. Plus, all windows are standard, double or triple pane with a 10 year accidental breakage warranty.


The first design of the Hawaii prototype was first perfected in 2005, and has won the J.D. Power Associates top award ever since for Homeowner and Builder satisfaction in the Vinyl Window category.


So if a company claims that the window it sells is made for Hawaii, ask for proof. Simonton can prove it with literature and warranties. Matthew Houar, owner of Tropical Wholesale, was the first to manufacture vinyl windows in Hawaii in 1983. Since then, others have tried, but as the oldest expert in manufacturing vinyl windows in Hawaii, Houar will guarantee that Simonton Windows are the best. Houar actually closed his window factory and started importing Simonton Windows because “they are just better than what Tropical or anyone could ever make in Hawaii.” Houar will guarantee you the technology is light years ahead of the competition.

So now that it’s time to change those old windows, be akamai and call Tropical, which has served Hawaii for more than 30 years. There are no salesman commissions or high-pressure sales tactics, just owners Mike and Matt Houar offering the best windows at the best prices.

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