Homeowners, builders and remodelers are always looking for innovative and new ways to enhance existing spaces during home makeovers and room renovations.

To meet that demand, Johnson Hardware recently introduced the Series 200WM wall mount door hardware, an exclusively designed system for mounting sliding doors to interior walls.



Not to be confused with pocket doors, which slide into a wall, the Series 200WM has a track-and-roller system that attaches directly to the wall, resulting in quick installation and easy operation. This is an ideal solution for walls constructed of brick or concrete block, or for wood-framed walls that contain pipes or wiring that would make it difficult and costly to install traditional pocket doors.

Unlike a standard hinged door that requires up to 14 square feet of floor space to swing open, a door mounted with the Series 200WM hardware takes up little more space than the thickness of the door. And because the door slides open, a table, chair, desk or other furniture piece can be placed beside the doorway without interfering with the door’s operation.

For help in understanding all the ways that wall-mounted doors can be put to work, visit the website: www.johnsonhardware.com.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.