If you are a homeowner planning to remodel, don’t forget that the equity you have in your home could be your best source of financing. Plus, Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU) has just dropped its Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) rate to 1.99 percent Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the first year.

In addition to financing renovations, a HELOC can be used to help pay for school tuition and other high ticket items. Whether you need the money now or further down the road, your funds are available as you need them through a revolving line of credit.



Get your remodeling project started. HCFCU can process and fund your HELOC in as little as two weeks. The credit union’s loan officers know how stressful this process can be and are there to provide the best possible service, every step of the way. To apply for a HELOC or for more information, call 536-3677 or visit the company’s office at 681 S. King St.

HCFCU’s HELOC owner occupant introductory rate is for the initial one year at closing and adjusted every three months in January, April, July and October at the prime rate, plus 2 percent — as published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal (4.5 percent minimum and 18 percent maximum) with 15 year draw and 30 year amortization period on Single Family properties for up to 80 percent CLTV. It is effective April 1, 2014. The offer is subject to change without notice and loans are subject to approval. There are no closing costs and no points.* If the title to the property is in Trust, the member may be required to pay a Trust Review Fee. A $10,000 minimum initial draw is required. HCFCU membership is required and certain restrictions apply.

The Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA; Equal Housing Lender; NMLS# 375459; NMLS# 412820


*If the HELOC is closed within one year, the member will be required to repay all closing costs to HCFCU.

contact // 536-3677
address // 681 S. King St.
web // www.hccu.info