While home prices are expected to rise in 2014, buyers continue to have high expectations. So what are homebuyers looking for?

Whole-home, beautiful energy efficient features

Modern buyers are interested in homes that supplement energy savings with more thoughtful features like daylighting and natural ventilation through energy-efficient skylights, using solar-powered water heaters, and employing intelligent controls for skylights, other lighting and cooling systems.



Buyers want energy-efficient upgrades that also offer high aesthetic appeal in addition to functionality, making features like ENERGY STAR-qualified skylights popular.

Smarter size and space

The functionality of a room is now as important as its size. Buyers will continue to embrace rooms that make the most of the space available, such as compact kitchens that maximize storage, smaller bathrooms that optimize lighting efficiency and privacy, while saving wall space through use of skylights, and open rooms that serve multiple purposes.

Aging-in-place potential

Homebuyers are looking toward the future and seeking homes that offer the potential of allowing them to age in place. In demand are home features that can be easily adapted for older occupants who may face challenges with mobility, vision and other age-related issues.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.