Country Manor Shake is an aluminum roof system developed by Alcoa in 1974, but now manufactured by Classic Products in Piqua, Ohio. CMS offers you the beauty of real hand-split cedar shakes, without their drawbacks. Deep, realistic texture and a rough wood grain surface disguise the true origin of this beautiful roofing material.

Aluminum is a lightweight material. And while some materials and building systems should be heavy (concrete foundations, stone walls, etc.), roofs should be light.


Aluminum is incredibly versatile and has many uses — in paint pigments, wire, aircraft parts, baseball bats, wheels, pots and pans, compact memory discs, etc.


Aluminum can be made with a wide range of strengths — from aluminum foil to nails. It is easily worked, resists corrosion, conducts electricity and heat, reflects light and heat, and is non-magnetic and non-toxic. The aluminum used in the CMS roof has more than 95 percent post-consumer recycled content and is perfectly suited to stand up to Hawaii’s tough marine environment.

The Country Manor Shake roof system was engineered to eliminate problems of other metal roof systems. Other metal panels are attached with clips or exposed fasteners, and may have only a simple lap joint at the sides. In the CMS roof, clips were eliminated. The panels incorporate an integral fastening hem in the top lock. The strong, vertical side locks include a capillary break eliminating water intrusion, and the joint virtually disappears when properly engaged. This results in the CMS roof actually holding tighter as wind speeds increase.


The good news is that in Hawaii, Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR) has specialized in the application of the CMS system for more than 25 years, with thousands of installations statewide. If you need a new roof soon, you will want to get a reroof proposal from ASR. Call Fred Rehm, the owner of ASR, and he’ll come out and measure your roof and prepare a scaled drawing. He’ll then put together a clear, detailed and free written estimate, itemizing everything that must be done to install a beautiful, long-lasting Country Manor Aluminum Shake Roof on your home.

When ASR finishes a roof, the homeowners are always pleasantly surprised at how good the CMS roof looks. Then they are surprised again when they realize how great their home now looks.

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