It’s a question that all homeowners confront when researching new solar installations: “What happens if my roof needs replacing before my solar panels do? After all, I am getting a 25-year warranty on my solar panels. I want my roof to last at least that long.”

Leakmaster Roofing is constantly researching the latest in roofing technology to bring you the longest lasting products. Luckily, there is good news in the roofing world that makes your decision easier:

Two of the oldest roof coating manufacturers — GACO and APOC — offer 50-year material warranties on their silicone roof coatings. This protects you against failures due to defects in the materials themselves, but not if the applicator installs it incorrectly. That labor warranty is issued by the roofing contractor, and is limited by Hawaii State law to a maximum of seven years. The state decided years ago that too many small, unproven contractors were issuing long warranties, but were not likely to be around long enough to service them. Often roofing warranties would die when the owner did.



However, the state allowed exceptions to this law if the material manufacturer — presumed to have a deep pocket — participates in a joint warranty with the contractor. That way, if the roofer goes out of business, the homeowner can go after the material manufacturer. APOC, one of the oldest, has been around for 101 years and has an excellent record in standing behind its products. APOC offers up to 20-year warranties for labor warranties, and 50 for materials. Other reputable companies that issue long labor warranties are Duro-Last, Certain-Teed, NXT Cool Zone, and others.

Roof coatings allow you the ability to waterproof your roof one section at a time. If you can’t afford to do your entire roof right now, because the cost of solar has put a dent in your immediate cash flow, just do the area underneath your solar panels. Later, as you can afford it, you can coat the rest of your roof and Leakmaster will tie it into one long warranty for the entire roof. It’s like doing your roof on the installment plan.

Bright white roof coatings make your solar panels run about 5 percent more effectively, according to research. If you have A/C in your home or building, you can expect about a 22 percent savings in your electric bill — which can pay for your roof over time. Commercial building owners — ask Leakmaster about Hawaii State tax credits if you have a Cool Roof installed over your A/C areas.

Can’t afford a roofing contractor because the solar installation has taken away your available cash? Do it yourself! Modern roof coatings can often be applied by the homeowner with a little guidance from Leakmaster’s sister company, The Cool Roof Store. Just call Leakmaster Roofing at 591-1900 and the company can help solve your roof problems, no matter what your budget is.

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