Solar Consultants is a locally owned and operated company with more than 15 years of combined experience with one thing in mind: integrity.

Solar Consultants has a proven and tested track record confirming zero complaints with the state of Hawaii, and is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. It’s simple — the company keeps its word and delivers what it promises. Solar Consultants is licensed, insured and took its quest for quality a step further by getting bonded — showing commitment and providing a sense of security to the client.



Solar Consultants is the actual electrical contractor C#25543, unlike other solar companies in Hawaii that are just marketing faces that take your money and then sub the work out to an electrical contractor. This is problematic for homeowners, leaving them vulnerable when issues occur. Here’s why: The marketing type solar company is not technically inclined to fix any issues, so even if those companies wanted to, there’s nothing they could do — not only because they either lack the skills, knowledge, or tools — but because it would void the same war ranty the company just sold to you, as only the electrical contractor can touch the work done. Furthermore, they are not the electrical contractor — they are posting someone else’s license, which is deceiving.

With Solar Consultants, you will never have that issue, as Solar Consultants is the electrical contractor and is able to fix any/all issues completely in-house, and is responsible for the work done with a bonded guarantee. The company prides itself in doing the job right the first time, giving it the proven and tested track record shared above — and first class service allows you to sit back while Solar Consultants does all the paperwork, HECO NEM, permitting, Home Owners association approval, Hawai-ian Home Lands approval, and financing submission of documents, etc.

Solar Consultants’ integrity is to its clients. The company is not exclusive to any brand in any way. It won’t try to push a brand of panels on clients — it will simply confirm the best options and provide those options to clients, as well as educate them with what the true results will be based on their specific circumstances. The company makes calculated recommendations, as its representatives are diligently trained in the art of sizing PV systems, as well as having electrical engineers as part of the team to confirm calculations.


The company has taken every step to make sure it looks out for the clients’ needs and provides each with the best quality for their money — removing any worries in knowing the job will be done right and the work not subbed out.

Solar Consultants now offers LED lighting retrofitting for both commercial and residential, with 100 percent financing options for both solar and LED projects for those who qualify.

Take advantage of the company’s strategic Out Right Purchase Plan to own your system in eight years with details of 0 percent interest for two years and no payments for two years for qualified applicants.


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contact // 861-0024 address // 46-056 Kamehameha Hwy.