When people think of home trim, they often picture the beauty it brings to exteriors — but the right trim products can add arrestingly elegant and bold decorative elements throughout home interiors, too.

High-quality cellular PVC trim from Kleer Lumber, a division of The Tapco Group, is an innovative, versatile solution that can do exactly that. All homeowners need is their imagination for creative, eye-catching and even unexpected applications. From beadboard for beautiful wainscoting to moldings for stunning cornices and valances, the possibilities are unlimited.


Kleer trimboard, moldings and sheets offer the rich authentic style you desire. Apply these products anywhere you would traditionally use wood throughout the interior — without concerns about moisture or insect damage because Kleer’s cellular PVC material is impervious.

The trim, moldings and sheets are available in a range of thicknesses, widths and lengths. Dimensionally stable and easy to cut, route and machine, all Kleer products are ideal for creating complex custom details, such as fluted pilasters for regal-looking rooms. Heat-bending can be used for elegant curves, such as door and ceiling arches and winding staircases. Available in pure white, the trim-board, moldings and sheets retain their fresh appearance for decades with just soap and water.


While Kleer products never need paint to add beauty, they can be painted to complement, match or contrast other interior elements. They enliven and grace any interior space, from dining and living rooms to foyers and staircases. Of course, this trim works especially well in moisture-prone spaces such as baths, laundry rooms and finished basements.


Kleer trimboard has a natural wood grain finish and is also available with a two-sided smooth finish. From warm, inviting applications around door frames and archways to even more sophisticated elements, such as stylish cornices, robust box beams, built-in bookcases, and dramatic window valences and aprons. Trimboard also provides the ideal solution for hard-to-finish curved walls, arches and staircases.

Kleer’s finely crafted crown moldings create elegant transitions between walls and ceilings, and perfectly finished ceiling beams. Moldings can also be installed as cozy-looking chair rails in dining rooms and other areas where walls require protection. For a sophisticated finishing touch, the moldings can be paired with warm wainscoting made from sheets and trim. Since all moldings come in standard 16-foot lengths, there are few finger joints on longer trim runs. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the finger joints showing through the paint.

Available in smooth and grain finishes, these sheets are easily cut to desired sizes and can be used as solid panels, such as for wainscoting or square-panels in box-beam ceilings. They can cover drywall and clad bare or worn areas to create finished, low-maintenance surfaces. The versatile sheets add alluring focal points to dining rooms, living rooms, or other entertaining spaces too — they’re a particularly stunning decorative asset when installed as raised panels for a multidimensional look.


With unmatched quality, aesthetics, durability and versatility, Kleer gives homeowners newfound freedom when it comes to interior trim applications. For more information, visit www.tapcoint.com.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.