These days, good labor is hard to come by. Gone are the days when people had their go-to business for all their construction needs. With the advent of technology and other resources, it seems a new business pops up every day, each claiming to be the best on the market. So when Oahu resident Ken Lee found himself in need of a construction firm to handle two substantial renovation projects, he knew making the right decision was imperative. “I had two big projects going on at the same time, which called for significant structural and cosmetic work,” said Lee. “Although I was already working with another construction company, I was experiencing some major reliability issues with them and decided it was time to move on.”


In search of a new team, Lee soon came into contact with Andy Cao, project manager for Hua Xia Construction. Impressed by his previous work, as well as his hands-on approach to customer service, Lee hired Cao and the rest of his team at Hua Xia to take on both jobs. “Given the scope of work both projects called for, they did a tremendous job and worked efficiently throughout,” said Lee, who required the team to simultaneously manage two operations on the east and central areas of Oahu. “Despite all the electrical and plumbing work also involved, Hua Xia kept up with their timeline and followed through on all tasks.”

Equipped with the proper licensing to handle electrical, plumbing and permitting work, Hua Xia carries the experience and manpower to handle even the most complex projects. “We service everything from ground-up home construction to home remodeling and repairs,” said Cao. “Thorough, consistent communication with our clients is key, and ensures there are never any surprises along the way.” Dedicated to customer satisfaction, the skilled technicians behind Hua Xia receive the majority of the company’s business via positive customer referrals. “We realize not every homeowner is aware of how the construction process works,” said Cao. “It’s our job to exercise patience and attention to detail, so our clients feel comfortable every step of the way.”

With the two projects mentioned at the onset almost complete, business owner Ken Lee looks forward to continuing his relationship with Hua Xia. “In a nutshell, Andy is hard-working, honest and considerate, which is what appealed to me from the start,” said Lee. “I have another big project coming up later this year and will definitely be using him again.”

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