The term “window treatment” is a fancy way to say “anything that decorates your window.” Window treatments include many different types of window blinds, shutters and curtains. Window treatments can also include anything that you do to the glass of your window to decorate it.


Small changes to your windows can make a big difference in how your house is perceived. For this reason, window treatments are one of the best things to update in your home decor, and it will be a refreshing, noticeable change.


Window treatments can set the tone of the room. If you have thick curtains that don’t let in a lot of light, your room will be dark and quiet like a den. Window treatments that let in a lot of light suggest a light and airy attitude. Choose your window treatments to set the mood of the room that you’re decorating.

When choosing the right window treatments for a room, consider the purpose of that room. Since rooms have different purposes, window treatments do not have to match throughout the home. The next thing to consider in dressing your window is to ask yourself what its main function is. For a cross-breeze? As a source for natural light or for a marvelous view? Use non-fussy roller shades that are as seamless as they are functional for windows that will be accessed heavily.


Next, remember privacy. In any bedroom and/or bathroom, or if you are a light sleeper, splurge on a privacy lining. In all of this, we must not forget style. Try patterned panels to take an already lovely room to the next level, or go glam with metallic textures.


You can get as fancy or stay as simple as you’d like. If you just want to get some basic curtains and be done with it, that’s okay. But if you want to get deeper into a style switch, you have many types to choose from.

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