When we arrive home from a long day of work, the first thing most of us probably do is throw our keys on the counter along with the million other things in our hands, and kick up our feet for a brief moment. We literally unload the burdens of that day on our kitchen countertops, putting work and stress behind us.


Thanks to Da Wing Trading, customers can learn the significance of having quality countertops, as the company understands the importance that they play in our everyday lives.

Starting in 2010 as a warehouse, the company quickly evolved as a cabinet and countertop supplier under owner Yue Fung Kwan. “The owner’s main reason to start was to make a business for his sons to run,” said Da Wing Trading manager Harry Kwan.

This family-run business offers various types of countertops, but specializes in granite, priding itself on the one-of-a-kind features a granite countertop can add to a kitchen or bathroom. Kwan explains that along with durability and heat resistance (no burn marks), “each countertop will have its own character,” since no two granite slabs are alike.

Another benefit to having a granite countertop is not having to worry about scratching the surface with your after-work key drop-off, because granite resists scratching from metals, e.g. pots and pans. Da Wing Trading also supplies quartz and marble, if that is what you prefer.


To go along with the natural beauty of your granite/marble/quartz countertops, Da Wing Trading supplies cabinets of all-wood construction, with no press wood or thermofoil, which means the products feature all-natural cuts of wood with no generics added, ensuring quality and durability. The company also offers full-sized doors for your cabinets.

Although Da Wing Trading mainly focuses on cabinets and countertops, Kwan shares that the company sells related products such as sinks for bathrooms and kitchens. Sinks come in various sizes and are, “18-gauge stainless steel,” Kwan added. The sinks are undermount designed, meaning they are fitted under the counter-tops. Da Wing Trading’s sinks come in two shapes: classic oval and modern rectangle. The company also provides 3/4-inch plywood for construction purposes at comparable prices, if you need subsurface material for your countertops.

Harry Kwan summarizes Da Wing Trading’s goals as a company with this assurance: “to provide quality products and services for our customers.” So, don’t take your countertops for anything less than granite and choose Da Wing Trading to help ease your burdens.


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Photos: Rachel Breit