American Carpet One is taking the carpet installation process up a notch these days with a system that provides amazing comfort to homeowners while bolstering their health.

Introducing Healthier Living Installation, a multifaceted process created by the Carpet One Cooperative to supplement the existing benefits gained through multiple varieties of carpet. The Healthier Living process features a HealthinEx Antimicrobial Pre-Installation Treatment that disinfects, protects and diminishes allergens, mold, mildew and bacteria — including germs and viruses on the installation surface. This meticulous process limits surface microorganisms from becoming airborne during the installation phase, while also meeting Indoor Air and Surface Quality certification standards.


“We’re taking carpet installation to the next level,” said Danette Hoe, Sales Manager at American Carpet One. “What we’ve tried to do is add a level of protection throughout the entire carpet installation process. It provides added peace of mind.”

Above the subfloor, the Healthier Living Installation features an antimicrobial premium carpet cushion that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria, is 98 percent moisture resistant (to keep spills from seeping through) and features 100 percent recyclable hypo-allergenic material. As an added bonus, the enhanced installation process also bolsters the excellent warranties that accompany a slew of available carpet options.


The Healthier Living Installation process even includes the removal of old carpet through a special HomeGuard care system. Certified Flooring Installers use a HEPA vacuum prior to, and after installation, to reduce dust by removing 99.97 percent of particles that would normally be recirculated in the air by a regular vacuum, and employ plastic sheeting to tape off doors and prevent any excess dust or debris from wafting through the home. The expert team from American Carpet One even uses special footwear guards to prevent any dirt from being tracked indoors.


“It appeals to anyone, especially those concerned about indoor air quality. That extends to anyone with compromised breathing, those with young children or even residents moving into a home that had previous owners who want peace of mind that the living space is as clean as it can be,” Hoe explains.

The American Carpet One team is poised to adequately handle every step of all installation jobs, from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired carpet or other flooring choice. With a host of qualified installers standing by to assist customers in fulfilling their flooring dreams and desires, American Carpet One meets the highest industry standards, while also providing the best installation quality and service available.

American Carpet One stands behind nearly 40 years of serving the Island community, and the locally owned and operated business is geared toward serving its customers for many more years to come.


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