From ceiling to floor, counter-top to drop-in sink, Abet Laminati has homeowners and do-it-yourselfers covered.

With the newest laminate materials and ease of fabrication, there isn’t much that cannot become a colorful part of your kitchen modernization and refurbishing plan.

Abet Inc.’s Stratificato, a decorative high pressure, self supporting, compact laminate used for countertops, furniture, back splashes or any home application requiring extra strength, durability and design, is now available in new colors and digital designs.



Its surface is composed of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. Several colors in 12 mm thickness are in stock in North America. Stratificato is the ideal homeowner answer for applications that require durability, sustainability, ease of fabrication and installation. This is a surfacing material answer that boasts low maintenance, high wear, and reasonable cost in the same sentence. The easy to clean surface cuts like wood, requires no finishing or sealing, and installs quickly.

You should keep the following points in mind when laying out a project:

• Prior to processing panels, check for any defects in the material.

• Pay attention to the grain, making sure it flows in the same direction for any panel sections that are joined together.

• Seams in Stratificato are inconspicuous, not invisible.


• You may place a deck seam inside a cutout, such as a sink or range.

• All inside corners require minimum 1/4-inch radius corners.

Natural variations in temperature and relative humidity have no effect on the product’s properties or appearance when installed properly. Greenguard certified, low VOC emissions, and is easily recyclable.

For information on the Stratificato products, call Abet Inc. at (800) 228-2238; or log on to the company’s website at or

This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.