In a small space like a bathroom, making tiny tweaks can make a big impact. Here are a few simple ideas to refresh your bathroom that can be completed in just a few hours (or even minutes).

• A place for everything:

Conquer even more countertop clutter by using a decorative tray, or small basket, to hold loose items. From hair brushes to hand soap and lotion, simply gathering items together can make the whole room look — and feel — more organized.


• A curved shower rod:


Gain up to 5 inches of valuable elbow room by replacing your straight shower rod with a curved model.

• Add a glass shelf:

Another way to keep bathroom necessities close at hand is by installing a decorative glass shelf near your sink and vanity. Not only will it help to clear the clutter from your countertop, but it can also be a place to display small, decorative touches.

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