Here’s how to turn down the volume dial on loud neighbors, construction crews and all else that emits nerve-racking noises I absolutely love the location of our condo. Not only can I easily commute to school, but I can also walk to the drug store, grocery store and nearby restaurants. However, I must admit that when there is construction happening on the street beneath it, I’m not the biggest fan.

There’s been consistent roadwork for quite some time, and I recently read that it will continue until June of this year. Until this point, I’ve handled the sound by turning on the air conditioning, but now that I know we are in it for the long haul (and since I’ve seen my electric bill skyrocket), I’m considering adding some other options. Plus, some neighbors have been renovating their space, and I could use any extra help I can get to keep my place quiet during the day.


1. Add carpet or a thick area rug. Not only will this help to decrease the noise we make for our neighbors, but it may also help to absorb noise once it comes in.

2. Install thick curtains. These will help to not only absorb some of the noise coming in from outside the windows, but will also help to soften the noise made within the room itself.

3. Invest in a noise machine. These machines provide anything from white noise to nature sounds, and have been highly recommended for babies for stress reduction and increased sleep. Shopping hint: If you want a noise machine but find them too pricey, browse the baby section or download a noise machine app on your smartphone.

4. Turn on a fan, air purifier, or air conditioner. You’ll get the white noise sound plus the added benefit of circulating air. If it’s cold, like it has been lately, remember that you don’t need to use the cool setting of your air conditioner for it to work. Turn it on “fan” instead. It will make the noise and circulate the air without wasting additional energy.

5. Check to see if your windows or doors need to be resealed — and seal them if needed. Not only can gaps in your windows or doors let in heat or drafts from the outside, but they can provide easy access routes for noise to enter your home.

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