Do you love nesting at home? If so, here are simple ideas that will make cozying up sweeter and even more comfortable than ever before

I don’t know whether it’s been a busier schedule or if it’s just that I’m getting older, but lately I can’t get enough of staying in. Streaming movie rentals and cuddling up on the couch have replaced trips to the movie theatre, and having friends over for dinner and drinks has replaced going to bars and restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy going out now and then, but something about the comfort of home always gets me.


Being a student and a writer, I’m home more throughout the day than most people, and yet I still don’t get cabin fever. If anything, all the extra time at home makes me want to nest even more. Plus, it’s reinforcing my preference for spending only on things I’ll use most. I may wear a new top once every so often, but a new rug in the family room can be enjoyed every day — and it can be just as stylish. If you enjoy time at home as much as I do, consider cozying up your space with some of these tips:

1. Go soft. A peaceful color palette can help you and your guests to feel relaxed in the space. Neutral and soft hues, such as whites, grays and blues, can give the room some breathing space, as well as allow you to punch it up with occasional pops of colorful accents.

2. Take your shoes off. Whether it’s to feel the different types of flooring surfaces or varieties of area rugs, test the material to see how it feels. That woven rug may look nice and match your color palette, but if it feels scratchy, you’ll regret the purchase every time you touch it.


3. Divide a space. Use your furniture to create zones, and remember that there is no rule saying that couches must be pressed against a wall. Arrange pieces to face each other for conversation, and keep additional chairs, ottomans and pillows nearby for when you need the extra seating.

4. Keep essentials within arm’s reach. When I settle in for a night on the couch, I can reach back and grab a subtly hidden phone charger, reach forward for an extra blanket, and reach to the side to switch a lamp on or off. Think about your most used items when you’re relaxing, and dedicate a space for each for easy access.

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