We’ve all heard the song it’s raining, it’s pouring the old man… wait… what are those drips from my ceiling? Unfortunately during the rainy season, these leaks can become more apparent to us than in other months of the year. Waterproofing your home is an affordable way to protect the integrity of your home’s structure while keeping costs relatively low.

All Weather Surfaces, a local company who also distributes Tropical Silicone, White Lava products and multiple other reputable coating system products, is now debuting a new product called INO-PAZ H20. The company is very excited to add this to the list of products and services that it can offer customers as means to waterproof their roofs or other areas of their homes.


INO-PAZ H20 is a highly reflective two-component water-based, polyurethane membrane. This product is suitable for application for all exposed horizontal and vertical waterproofing applications. It has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including: concrete, built-up membranes, aluminum, galvanized steel, single-ply roofing, spray polyurethane foam and wood. It is an ideal product for a new roof coating, water tanks, swimming pools, lanais and more.


The benefits of INO-PAZ H20 are its solar reflectivity, durability, and resiliency to the elements. INO-PAZ H20 has an 80 percent Solar Reflectance rate, which is great for lowering the temperature in your home. This coating also has a higher durability threshold and is less likely to tear than comparable products. In addition to being more resilient to the elements, this product doesn’t collect dirt and is resistant to algae and fungi. Best of all, it is resistant to standing water!

INO-PAZ H20 has a comparable price point to other silicone systems on the market, and like other silicone systems, INOPAZ H20 can also be tinted to match any color.


According to Keith Adams, owner of All Weather Surfaces, “As a 25 year veteran of the coatings industry in Hawaii, I carefully watch all new products to Hawaii that claim ultimate performance, and as such, we have monitored this product and its performance on some well-known, high end structures in Honolulu for the past 5 years. Since the first installation, the INO-PAZ has performed flawlessly, and shown no signs of degradation, or premature failure, even in areas of ponding/standing water. As the leader of specialty coatings in Hawaii, it is our opinion that INO-PAZ H2O is the future of fluid applied reflective roof coatings without a doubt, and should be considered for future applications where a long lasting, low maintenance fluid applied system is required.”

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