The weather that Hawaii has experienced in the last few weeks, featuring gusty trade winds and drenching rain, is fairly normal for this time of year. Many of Honolulu’s homeowners with aged or deteriorated roofs were worried that their roofs would blow off, or that the leaky roofs were about to cause water damage inside. Either of these occurrences would mean that expensive and stressful repairs were likely, also.

But not the thousands of Aluminum Shake Roofing’s (ASR) customers, residing in both single family and townhouse complexes, who invested in a Country Manor Shake (CMS) aluminum roof sometime during the last 25 years. ASR’s owner, Fred Rehm, often hears the same unsolicited comment when one of his past customers will exclaim, “I love my roof. During all those heavy storms, I wasn’t worried at all.”

It’s as if these folks welcome the extreme weather because it confirms the great decision they made years ago to buy a roof system painstakingly engineered to weather the storm. In fact, the unique four-way interlock and integral fastening hem (no clips) means the roof, when properly installed, actually holds tighter and tighter as the wind speed increases.



Unlike asphalt composition shingles, the CMS roof does not deteriorate as it ages. It’s made from aluminum so it won’t absorb water like asphalt, or burn like wood. It is finished with a tough, infrared reflecting coating to keep your home cool and looking great through the years, even in Hawaii’s tropical marine climate.

The aluminum Country Manor Shake roof system was developed in 1974, by Alcoa, but is now manufactured in Piqua, Ohio by Classic Products. The manufacturer issues a warranty that guarantees it will protect your home for as long as you own it (as well as new homeowners for up to 40 years from the time it was installed.)

Country Manor Shakes offer beauty that lasts. You get the beauty of real hand-split cedar shakes without the drawbacks. The panels will never warp, leak, rot, pit or break, and the roof will add curb appeal to your home for years to come.

To learn more about the roof system, call Fred at 847-8885 or email him at He’ll come out, measure your roof, and create a scaled drawing of your roof, and then give you a detailed estimate of what it will take to install a new CMS roof on your home.

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