Recently, Risource Energy was at the 2014 BIA Home Building and Remodeling Show. Questions most asked by visitors were about the state of solar energy in Hawaii. Darren Furumoto, president of Risource Energy takes time to address the most pressing questions.

In these uncertain times of solar energy in Hawaii, there is a lot of guesswork and rumors being passed around. I hope to give you truthful and on-point information so you may make the best informed decision for what is right for your home, family and wallet.


Solar Q&A:

1. Will I be allowed to put up solar panels, or is my neighborhood full?

Utilizing a Locational Value Map (LVM), you can do an initial check of whether your area’s solar energy grid is saturated. Find the LVM tool on the HECO website. From this data you can determine whether solar panels are an option. At Risource Energy, we offer LVM analysis as part of the company’s free consultation.

Darren Furumoto, President of Risource Energy

Darren Furumoto, President of Risource Energy

2. Are 2014 tax credits still available?


Yes, there are federal and state tax credits still available, but this can change at any time. Currently, there is a 30 percent federal tax credit, and up to a 35 percent state tax credit depending on the size of your system. We have links to these tax forms on our site. Check with your accountant when submitting for a refund. These types of credit can offset your PV system cost and lower your electrical bill. A tax credit review is free of charge as part of your consultation.

3. There is so much uncertainty about solar, should I wait?

There is a lot of concern in the solar industry at this time because legislation is just being crafted. This should not stop you from speaking with a solar representative because you need to queue-up for solar interconnectivity. A Net Energy Metering (NEM) application is important to do before your neighborhood grid is tapped out. Risource Energy is able to submit a NEM application to reserve your space in line.

4. How can I find out more?

Visit Hawaii Resource Energy Association, HECO, as well as follow solar energy legislative bills HB 1943 and HB 1999. Or, feel free to visit or give me a call with any questions or concerns at 843-8100.


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